Die Trottel sind zwei Mal live zu erleben, in Berlin am Nothing Nice to Say Festival und in Zürich im Dynamo. Rumkommen!

PS: 7" might be ready for this!!!

folks, second 7" out in early 2016. stay tuned for more informations. *R.F*

live distortion

Endlich wieder paar Shows spielen, check.
Ganz schön dabei rum kommen, check.
Natürlich nie geprobt, doppel check check.

It's on!

Half of the band is already down there, tour starts in little more than two weeks. Here's the dates, our tour-poster and some shirt and button designs that will be available then. THANKS A LOT TO APPÄRATUS FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN!!!

Nuclear Noise Mongers Tour February 2014
14th-Rumah Api KL 
15th-Rainhouse IPOH 
16th-SoundMaker PNG 
17th-Dark Forest S.ALAM 
18th-(Venue TBA) KUANTAN 
20th-Fly to BALI 
21st-Twice Bar Kuta BALI 
22nd-Lazer Studio Tabanan BALI 
24th-JJ BMX & SkatePark SIDOARJO 
25th-(Venue TBA) MALANG 
26th- (Off-to JKT) 
28th-PoisonClub BANDUNG 1st-Street Gig-Graveyard JAKARTA

Rad shirt by Mico ROW

Rad button too (thanks Sandra!)

Good reviews keep us warm in winter!

Yeah, that's right. Read below. Plus we made it into Martin Sorrondeguys top ten-list this month. In February it will be warm again, because we are going to tour South-East-Asia with APPÄRATUS.

Found this!

Wir spielen in Lausanne am Freitag und die neue 7" ist in the works, by the way.

Playing live beats rehearsing!

On short notice we will be playing a show in Singen on Sunday with JACKALS from the UK.